Charter-Spectrum slammed by residents who want broadband

Constance Hampton speaks out at a public forum on Charter’s proposal to provide broadband to Egremont.

EGREMONT — Residents packed the Board of Selectmen meeting room on Monday to give their thoughts on Charter’s proposal to provide a high-speed, broadband network to the town. Attendees of the meeting were highly vocal in their support of Fiber Connect, a local provider vying for the opportunity to provide a high-speed fiber network to the town as well.

On March 8, it was announced that the Massachusetts Broadband Institute had qualified Charter’s proposal to provide broadband solutions to six rural unserved towns as part of the state’s Last Mile broadband effort to bring high-speed networks to towns that lack them. As part of this qualification, the state would fund the construction of Charter’s broadband network at no cost to the town. The catch, it appears, is that all six towns need to accept Charter’s offer in order for any of them to obtain coverage. The MBI requested that the towns formally respond to the offer by March 24.

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